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Our core range

After 3 years of brewing only unique recipes, we decided to opt for a small fixed range. Recognizability in our own city was the deciding factor, because local beer is fresh beer. The Ghent bar scene wanted to serve Dok beers, but with beers that are constantly changing, this was almost impossible for many reasons.

Waar is loca


This 6.5% pale ale with rye and oats has a nose reminiscent of passion fruit and stone fruit. Elegant, drinkable and a subtle bitter that makes you yearn for your next sip. The beer was dry hopped with Idaho7 and Citra.

13 Craft Pilsner


Pils 13, the well-known Ghent pilsner brand, already existed before the establishment of DBC, but since the merger of Dok and 13, the lager line belongs to Dok Brewing Company. The regular beers of 13 will remain and everything that flows from the kettles at Dok Noord will receive the 13 stamp.



This slightly sour Non-Alcoholic IPA quenches all thirst! Deliciously flavourful and nestles with pride and gusto between beer, wine and lemonade. Fruity and floral notes of peach, white grapes and elderflower are accentuated by the hearty hops of Nelson Sauvin, Citra & Amarillo. In collaboration with De Proefbrouwerij

30 taps

Something for everyone

As there is no accounting for taste, we brew a whole arsenal of different beer styles for you. Sour, sweet, bitter, clean or wild, low or high in alcohol, in all the colours of the rainbow, we always have something that you will like. We constantly challenge ourselves, indulge in the classics, or go very experimental and innovative.

When DBC was founded, the idea was never to brew a recipe twice in order to help the consumer find his or her specific taste preference and to continuously challenge the brewer in his creativity. Using different styles, techniques and ingredients, we help our customers to navigate the great beer labyrinth.





The brewing installation

liter per brew


Our brewing equipment allows us to brew 1000l at a time.

cylindro-conical tanks


4 CCTs of 2000l and 1 CCT of 3000l allow us to ferment two or three brews at a time per tank.

bright beer tanks


tap tanks


We deliberately choose not to filter or pasteurize beers. After fermentation, the beer is kept at low temperature for between 3 and 8 weeks to allow the sight to clear naturally. This is a process that takes a lot of time, which is why we have also created enough lager capacity.

Packing beer in a brewpub is a waste of time, energy and packaging, so we chose to serve different beers directly from one of 6 tap tanks. Two 1000l tanks and 4 500l tanks store the beer cold, which also keeps it very fresh.

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