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Marathon Des Sabro

DDH Pale Ale

Alcohol percentage:







Sabro, Mosaic

Eindelijkvrijdag & Xerxes Heirman

17 oktober 2021

<p class="font_8">We celebrate our head brewers ambitious plan to run the Marathon Des Sables by brewing a beer for charity. A very aromatic session NEIPA with Sabro and Mosaic. Lots of tropical fruit, with a strong smell of pomelo, ripe mango and some pine. Bitterness is virtually non-existent. A perfect thirst quencher after a run in the desert! The charity we will support is the local Ghentian VZW Jong. All profits go to this charity that focusses on helping disadvantaged kids getting back into society through all kinds of activities. Sponsored by HVB, Yakima Chief Hops, Simpons Malt, Eindelijkvrijdag, CanxLab and Dok Brewing Company.</p>

Marathon Des Sabro
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