as tasty as it is surprisingHAVE

We’re not only creative in our brewing kettles. Our food is also a little different. Let RØK and TØAST surprise you.
Not your casual BBQ

RØK is a new barbecue concept. The food is prepared in a ‘low en slow’ way on a Texan smoked barbecue and an Argentian grill that was especially shipped from London.

The menu changes daily. You can always choose between three meat- one fish and four vegetable dishes. To enjoy by yourself or share with friends.  

RØK is open from tuesday to sunday from 12 pm to 2pm and from 6pm to 9pm.

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Toasts with a twist

Bio-bread, fresh and diverse ingredients, a grill, some old irons and inspiration…

That’s all it takes to concoct the most surprising toast. Our menu changes regularly, there are always new versions to discover.  The names can be somewhat of a mistery, but trust us, they make complete sense; Mahatma Toasthi, All peasants are hummus, More insight, …

TØAST is open from tuesday to friday from 12pm to 3pm.

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