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We don't want to pin ourselves down to one specific beerstyle. Experimenting is our thing, so you can expect a big diversity in styles.
Collaborating is in our DNA. We're looking forward to collaboration brews with Belgian and foreign breweries.
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Our beers are only temporarily available. You'll have to visit us often to have the chance to taste them all.
keg ,taptank, can or bottle
We pour our beers from kegs or our taptanks. Sometimes, we will can or bottle a small portion of a batch.



Tripel | 7´% | release: 18.01.2020

This traditional Belgian tripel was delicately hopped with Perle.

The fruity aromas from the yeast work well with the subtle spicyness of the hops.

Artwork by Eline Depouillon


Dry stout | 7% | release: 28.01.2020

Dry stout of 7% with Maris Otter and Golden promise pale ale malt, barley flakes, roasted barley and chai (anise, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, chicory and clove)

The spices and the roasted tones of the malts take the upper hand in this beer.  Thanks to the intricate combination of spices, we brewed a playful, warming and complex dry stout for you to enjoy.

Artwork by RÓcher Tat


Koduõlu | 8,6 % | 10 IBU | release: 07.02.2020

This is our collab with Pihtla õlu , Estonia’s oldest microbrewery. We traveled all the way there to make an authentic Estonian farmhouse beer called koduõlu.

The brew day started with picking juniper branches to infuse our mashing water. Normally they only use malted barley for this style, but for this collaboration we decided to add some rye and crystal rye malt.

A few big differences with modern day beer is that the beer isn’t boiled at all. By doing this you have way more proteins in the final beer which gives it a unique thick mouthfeel. The used grains also come through way more than with boiled beer.

The hops (Tettnang and Hersbrucker) were first boiled in an amount of water to set some kind of hop tea and than added to the wort. Don’t expect a hoppy beer at all… Final bitterness is somewhere around 10 IBU.

Last but not least the beer is fermented with baker’s yeast.

Artwork by Daniella Provost


Pale Ale | 3,5 % |  release: 19.02.2020

Double dryhopped hazy pale ale (10g/l aromahopping) of only 3,5%.

30% of the maltbill consists of oats and wheat giving this low alcohol beer more body.

Generous amounts of HBC 472, Columbus and Ekuanot  are responsible for the nice bouquet of peach, lime, papaya and mango.

Artwork by RÓcher Tat


pastry sour | 7,5 % | release: 20.02.2020

Our first pastry sour…This beer has a robust maltbill with 50% Pils malt and 50% wheat malt. We added lactose to enhance the creamy mouthfeel.

The beer was first soured in the boiling kettle with Lactobacillus Helveticus and fermented afterwards on 37°C with Sigmund Voss Kveik.

After main fermentation we added 200grams per liter of cherries, hence the deep red colour. We then let it lager for three weeks on vanilla beans (Madagascar)

In our taproom, we serve this beer on nitro.

A deep red, sweet & sour beer of 7,5 % with cherries in the spotlight, sided by touches of vanilla and almonds. An complex combo of aroma’s and flavours you wouldn’t necessarily expect in a sour beer.

artwork by RÓcher Tat


quadrupel | 9 % | release: 21.02.2020

We brewed this collab with our Estonian friends of Tanker Brewery in december last year. While writing the recipe, we decided to combine the best of two worlds: Belgian brewing tradition and modern brewing techniques.

After a short brainstorming session, we came up with the idea of a Belgian quadrupel, but kettlesoured. We intended to add extra plums but after tasting the beer we decided to bottle it in its pure form.

This quad has a smooth and round body, thanks to the high ABV (9%) that is balanced by the acidity. Lots of red fruits and a hint of caramel in the nose.

Warming enough to get you through the last months of winter, refreshing enough to celebrate the first days of spring.

In our taproom on draft and on 440ml cans.


pale ale | 6 % | release: 23.02.2020

Together with Beeeeer – Torino we brewed this European pale ale of 6%. While thinking about which beer to brew, we came to the conclusion that we’ve both been inspired by a legendary Brussels brewery. We decided to honour them by brewing their most iconic beerstyle: a bitter pale ale with only European hops. Bitter, complex, but also very drinkable.

A simple maltbase (only Pils malt) supports the multilayered hoparoma.  We wanted the hops to play the leading role, while not striving to brew an extreme IPA.  We used three bitterhops (Saaz, Magnum, Golding) to create the noble, spicy yet clean bitterness.  For whirlpool and dryhopping we chose Mandarina Bavaria, Hallertau Blanc and Callista. 

artwork by RÓcher Tat



sour saison | 6% | release: 01.05.2019

Van mijn erf (‘Get off my farm’) is a saison that we ‘tank soured’ and not kettle soured like the sours we brewed before.

The maltbill consits of Pils malt and 50% of Moutbasis bestaat uit pilsmout en 50% spelt and wheat to accentuate the grainy, bready character of the beer. Waimea  gives a nice green, resiny touch and the bitter bite that makes this beer very drinkable. Lactic acid bacteria soured this beer in the tank, we added them simultaneously with a yeast from an iconic saison brewery in the south of Belgium.

Artwork by Daniella Provost


DDH white IPA | 8 % | 80 IBU | release: 23.05.2020

Think hops…lots of’em. We used Amarillo, Cascade, Citra and Comet that translate into a bouquet of fresh flavors..citrus, lime, mango, orange, grapefruit…Everything you would expect from the hops we used. All carried by a lingering bitterness. that is balanced with a touch of sweetness.   As refreshing as they come…


altbeer | 5% | release:01.06.2020

Altbeer, one of the forgotten German beerstyles, is traditionally brewed in the area around Dusseldorf. The counterpart of the Kölsch from Cologne has a dark copper color. It ferments with top-fermenting yeast but lagers like a bottom-fermentation beer, combining the best of both worlds.

The beer has fruity undertones brought on by the yeast and a dry and clean aftertaste, typical for bottom-fermented beers.

A very soft mouthfeel, discrete caramel tones and a pinch of hoppy bitterness that cuts through the malty aftertaste. All wrapped up in German drinkability.

Artwork by Letterpress Corner

dbc_20200510_label mangovid


hard seltzer | 5% | release:01.06.2020

Nope, not a beer but a hard seltzer, the first one in Belgium!

Hard seltzer? Wtf is hard seltzer? In a nutshell: fermented seltzer with flavor, dok-style.

We fermented water, cane sugar and mango to become a tasty ‘lemonade’ of 5%. Thirst quenching, refreshing, low on calories and most of all tasty. If you want to enjoy something other than beer on a sunny terrace, then this is your drink of choice.

Artwork by Letterpress Corner



oatmeal stout | 8% | release:01.06.2020

We’ve brewed up a lot of different styles, but a classic oatmeal stout was still missing in our line-up. We gave it our own twist, we made and imperial oatmeal stout.

Velvety and full-bodied, thanks to the amount of oats. The bitterness comes from the roasted malts and from the English hops we used, giving a pleasing alternation between roasted and green/grassy flavors. Alcoholwise, it’s 8% is in between the more classic predecessors and the modern interpretations.

No frills, no odd additives but a straightforward, no-nonsense, highly drinkable oatmeal stout.

Artwork by Letterpress Corner


pilsner | 6 % 

For this pilsner we wanted to combine the finest hops from New Zealand with oldschool German brewing techniques. Pilsmatic was elegantly hopped with Motueka and Nelson Sauvin. We let it lager for no less than three months. (also due to the whole corona-situation)

If you’re a music lover, you undoubtedly get the reference of the name and artwork to Illmatic, the legendary hip hop album by NAS, released 26 years ago.

Artwork by Freek Lucas


grisette | 5 % | release: 28.07.2020

Contrary to it’s related cousin the saison, that was orignally brewed for seasonal workers, grisette was the beerstyle of choice for mine workers. A true blue collar beer that was had after a hard day’s work. Low in alcohol, bitter, slightly cloudy and thirst quenching.

Our interpretation of the style has quite a high amount of oats (25% of the maltbill) that gives this beer a soft mouthfeel that will balance out the bitterness. The flavours speak of oats, bread, grass, hay, a touch of citrus and white pepper. It has a dry, bitter finish that keeps you lingering for the next sip. We dry-hopped with two new generation German hops: Polaris and Hallertau Blanc. At 5% it’s the ideal reward after a day’s work.

artwork by @meneer Heiman, Eindelijkvrijdag